Monday, August 31, 2009

When To Run Disk Defragmenter

Disk fragmenting can help your computer system run more efficiently by re-organizing the filing system of your computer. Computer Tutor For Seniors recommends that you defrag on a monthly basis.

Other suggested times for defragging are:
  1. You've added a large number of files to your computer recently.
  2. Your free disk space totals 15 percent or less.
  3. You've installed new programs or a new version of Windows.


  1. Another option is to get an intelligent automatic defragmenter like Diskeeper09 which runs in the background and defrags using idle resources. It also defrags well with as less as 5% free space.

  2. There is a program called CCleaner by piriform that works great to clean up your hard drive. I have been using it for free for years at home and at work. I work in the IT department and we use it on corporate workstations at times and it is FREE. :-) Free and good...great combo. Hope this helps someone.